Shoes For Narrow Feet

A.Mc.Donald designs and makes footwear for all narrow foot types in his Strand Arcade workshop located in Sydney, Australia. All fittings are by appointment. Typically a series of 3 fittings are necessary. 

Choose a style that secures your foot in the shoe. Ideally lace up derby styles or shoes that capture your foot in the shoe and heel area by way of a strap over the arch or toes. These styles will reduce the chance of slipping and clawing.

Narrow fitting shoes are often expressed alphanumerically as AAA fit (narrowest) up to B fitting. These frational fittings are often arbitary and vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. At A.Mc.Donald we build you a last based on your actual measurements. Once we have built your last we make a pullover test shoe for you to try.  This test shoe informs the fit of your shoes. Best fitting shoes are always a combination of the type of leather materials used and the style. 

We use leather heel stiffeners which mould to the heel area cupping and supporting preventing heel slip. The heel area and seat of the last are shaped to to fit the measurements of the foot and the sensitivity of the foot is noted so the appropriate leather upper and lining are used.

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