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Slow Film Trailer

Trailer of the complete shoemaking process shot by Jim Rice .

This film is a sneak peek of a 75minute film shot by Jim Rice detailing every step of the shoemaking process . This high definition film shot in real time explores a day in the life of a shoemaker . Sit back relax and enjoy . The full version will be posted on the site in November 2015.
Jim Rice has been a professional photographer for over 25 years.
Originally from the UK, he attended Bournemouth college of Art and Design.
Jim moved to Australia in 1988 and worked as a staff photographer at Fairfax for many years.
Jim has now taken up a freelance career with the emphasis on photography and films specialising in craftsmen and women. The slow film movement lends itself to showcasing the skill of artisans whose craftsmanship is unique and expressive.

Video: We Are The Makers

First in a series videos for the Strand Arcade shot by Hugh Stewart.


"We Are The Makers" is the first in a series of videos commissioned by The Strand Arcade. This video focuses on the artisinal process of shoemaking. Shot by Hugh Stewart.

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